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Partnering with organizations to tap into the minds and bodies of leaders so they can liberate themselves from stress.


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Let's transform lives together!

Here are a few ways for us to partner. These experiences are my love letters to humanity. Are you in?

Signature Talks

Allow us to customize these talks or create something unique for your event.


Conquering Mountains: Mastering Barriers

Life presents us with mountains to climb—challenges both internal and external. From self-doubt to market shifts, conquering these peaks demands resilience, determination, and strategy. Embrace a growth mindset, seek mentorship, break goals into steps, and learn from setbacks. Each obstacle is a chance to grow, emerging stronger for life's journey.


  1. Recognize and address internal and external barriers and challenges.

  2. Apply problem-solving and resilience techniques to navigate adversity.

  3. Identify actionable steps to conquer self-doubt. 


Emotional Intelligence & Liberated Leadership

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is vital for leadership effectiveness. High EQ leaders manage emotions, empathize, and navigate social complexities. Liberated leadership goes beyond hierarchies, promoting empowerment, collaboration, and authenticity. Leaders merging EQ with liberated leadership cultivate inclusivity, trust, and team inspiration for achieving shared goals.


  1. Define emotional intelligence's impact on teams and culture.

  2. Discuss liberated leadership principles.

  3. Identify emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership.

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Watch Ce's TEDx Talk

"No Fear, Just Feedback"

"Ce shares with us her most intimate moments as a child and how she said no to fear." - TEDx Talks



“Ce Anderson joined our team to assist our employees enduring trauma associated with racial injustice in the US. She was skilled and attentive. I’d recommend corporations contact her should you need a partner as you navigate racial trauma in the workplace.”

Ce Anderson

Mental Health Consultant I Speaker I Trauma Therapist I Author

Ce Anderson is one of the nation's most sought-after speakers on mental wellness and leading those impacted from victimhood to victory.

After nearly a decade of experience in the mental health field, Ce combines her clinical expertise and personal experiences to speak on topics relating to effective communication, advocacy, leadership, mental wellness, sexual assault awareness and navigating Black womanhood. 

She has been featured in NBC, Forbes, Black Enterprise, NPR, Amazon, The Knot and many more. 

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Enjoy a free gift on me. Who doesn't like free? Assess whether you are a liberated leader through the lens of emotional intelligence and psychological safety.


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