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Licensed therapist Ce Anderson explains why self-care isn’t selfish
By Raquelle "Rocki" Harris | August 14, 2021

Ce Anderson is a licensed therapist, mental health advocate, and speaker dedicated to educating and empowering others, specifically in the areas of domestic violence, sexual

Research Shows That the Pandemic Has Made Decision-Making More Stressful Than Ever—If This Sounds Familiar, Try These 6 Tips 

With massive shifts in how we approach work and life, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new perspectives and priorities, prompting a deeper look into what really matters, says Ce Anderson, Licensed Therapist, Trauma Expert, and author.


21 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Depression (and What to Say Instead) 

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Licensed therapist Ce Anderson says that since depression is often stigmatized, this can lead to isolation. 

She says, “Oftentimes, family members don’t believe depression is ‘real’ or they believe the person has a choice in how they feel.


How Do I Know If My Mental Health Is Improving?
By Theodora Blanchfield


February 09, 2022

 Medically reviewed by Ivy Kwong, LMFT

You’re working out, going to therapy, meditating, but how do you know they are working?

Verywell Mind spoke with Ce Anderson, MS, LPC, a licensed therapist, to find some ways to gauge if all of this hard work is working. 

Tips for starting and getting the most out of therapy Image without a caption

By Sunny Fitzgerald
October 18, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. EDT

Determine your needs

As a licensed therapist and trauma expert in Birmingham, Ala., Candyce “Ce” Anderson said, “you don’t have to have a crisis to see a therapist.” There are innumerable reasons people seek therapy, including personal growth, relationship issues, coping strategies, and support to address a mental health condition.



Don’t Miss The Signs: The Forms of Abuse We Don’t Always Discuss
 Raquelle Harris

Black Love spoke with a licensed therapist and trauma expert Candyce “Ce” Anderson — a clinician who also is a survivor — about the various forms of domestic violence, myths and misconceptions, and viable resources for victims, survivors, and supporters.


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Counselor Ce Anderson Explains Why It's So Hard To Leave Abusive Relationships | RSMS

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